Fellowship & Recreational Activities

Grace Church family recreational and fellowship activities include potluck dinner, camping, hiking, picnic, and games 'n' gab evenings. These activities are open to everyone of all ages.

■ Fellowship via Dinners & Lunches

Fellowship via Dinners & Lunches

  • Soup Sundays: After certain Sunday services in the fellowship hall
  • Potluck Dinners: International Dinner, Christmas Dinner and Easter Dinner
  • Special Dinner: Boerenkool (Kale) Lunch
  • Senior Dinner: A special annual invitation by Deacons to honour seniors at Grace Church in the Spring

■ Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities

  • Annual Camping: At the Pilgrim's Rest, typically on the last weekend in July
  • Annual Picnic: Typically on Sunday after Labour Day in September
  • Recreational Volleyball (Summer Break): This weekly activity, taking place every Friday at 7:45 pm at Immanuel Child Care, currently stops meeting and will resume after summer break. Please stay tuned. People of all ages are invited. 
  • Grace Gardens Planting Day: A day for yard clean-up and planting in the church gardens. Donation of/for annuals and perennials, and volunteers are welcome. <Take a Glance at Grace Church Garden!>