Fellowship & Recreational Activities

Grace Church family recreational and fellowship activities include potluck dinner, camping, hiking, picnic, and games 'n' gab evenings. These activities are open to everyone of all ages.

Fellowship via Dinners & Lunches

■ Fellowship via Dinners & Lunches

  • Soup Sundays: After certain Sunday services in the fellowship hall
  • Potluck Dinners: International Dinner, Christmas Dinner and Easter Dinner
  • Special Dinner: Boerenkool (Kale) Lunch
  • Senior Dinner: A special annual invitation by Deacons to honour seniors at Grace Church in the Spring

Recreational Activities

■ Recreational Activities

  • Annual Camping: At the Pilgrim's Rest, typically on the last weekend in July
  • Annual Picnic: Typically on Sunday after Labour Day in September
  • Recreational Volleyball (Summer Break): This weekly activity, taking place every Friday at 7:45 pm at Immanuel Child Care, currently stops meeting and will resume after summer break. Please stay tuned. People of all ages are invited. 
  • Grace Gardens Planting Day: A day for yard clean-up and planting in the church gardens. Donation of/for annuals and perennials, and volunteers are welcome. <Take a Glance at Grace Church Garden!>