Our Mission

Our Mission

*The mission of Grace Church is to call people to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ and to equip Christ-followers for service in the church and in the world.


Through "Grace Local Ministries" and "Outreach (Grace Community Services)" along with the Christian–faith programs/courses and various fellowship activities/events, we encourage you to put into practice the *Mission Statement listed above. 


If you would like more information than what the various pages offer, please contact the church office. 

Message from the Pastor

Dear Visitor,


If you are visiting this website because you are looking for a friendly, welcoming, and active church congregation, I encourage you to check out Grace Church and learn more about it.


Each Sunday morning you are invited to gather for a time of worship. Our Praise is offered in both traditional and contemporary music. Those with musical abilities of whatever level are encouraged by our music director to participate in our worship services. Communion (the Lord's Supper) is normally celebrated the last Sunday of each month. Following the service there is a time of socializing during which refreshments are served.


Grace Church is a medium sized church with a lot of diversity – cultural diversity, age diversity, and economic diversity. Not only is Grace Church characterized by friendliness and acceptance, but also by vibrant worship and supportive fellowship. Grace Church believes that this world belongs to God, that he preserves and cares for it, and that he is restoring all things through his Son, Jesus Christ. When human life is lived in service to God and to his glory, that is when we find meaning and direction for our lives.


Besides providing ministry programs for all ages, the church tries to be a blessing to the community in part by participating in Community Service.


May the Spirit of God fill you with abundant love, hope and peace.




Pastor Bart 

Meet Our Church Staff

■ Pastor Bart - Lead Pastor (gracepastor@planeteer.com)

I was born in Edmonton Alberta as was my wife Alice. The Lord has blessed Alice and me with two daughters and two sons who at this time are living in various parts of Canada and the United States. It was the summer of 2005 that Alice and I came to Scarborough and I became the lead pastor of Grace Church. Prior to living in Scarborough, I served churches in Renfrew ON and Hagersville ON. I pray that Grace Church will increasingly be a place where you will experience a warm community which demonstrates Christian love, acceptance, and care for everyone; lots of diversity – cultural diversity, age diversity, and economic diversity; meaningful and powerful worship of God; a people serving the wider community and loving their neighbours; a people growing in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and their love for God. You are welcomed to help make Grace Church this kind of community.

■ Carol L. - Music Director (gracemusic@primus.ca)

Since serving as the music director at this church in February 2007, Carol’s passion has always been involving everyone in the congregation to take part in the music ministry. Whether young or old, with or without music training, any ethnic background, everyone is invited to take part during the Sunday worship service and other events through singing, dancing, playing an instrument, reading, etc. As Carol says, "everyone is blessed with some form of God’s given talent, use it to praise the Lord and share it with His family." Carol Lin is the music director at Grace Church. She began her training at the piano at age 4. She graduated with a piano performance degree from the University of Toronto. 

■ Isabella B. - Office Administrator (gracecrc@planeteer.com)

What a great privilege I have as God Almighty enables me to work in His sanctuary! Since being called to serve starting with an administrator’s position in 2006, the Lord has been leading my heart and has blessed me with His word in Micah 6:8, “…To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God" as the guidance for my service and life. In addition, as a passionate sister in Christ, I highly value and care for all people and also seek to achieve and maintain harmonious relationships in order to accomplish God's good work along with Christ-followers. 

■ Sarath and Kamini P. - Church Custodians

Sarath and Kamini Peiris have faithfully served as custodians of Grace Church since February 1996.