Outreach (Grace Community Services)

■ The Lighthouse Centre

The Lighthouse supports the newcomer, the hungry, the refugee, the homeless and the hurting in practical, meaningful ways; such as 'Blessing Bag'– a food drive and 'Ride for Refuge'– an annual bike-a-thon.

<Learn more about 'Blessing Bag' & 'Ride for Refuge' at "The Lighthouse Centre"> 

■ Out of the Cold

The Out of the Cold program is to provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless community.

■ FaithHopeLove

This Ministry envisions a  city where everyone enjoys social connections and caring support for their  spiritual, emotional and relational health. The Ministry's  mission is to provide wholistic and caring  support for individuals and families  in their journey around community  integration and wellness. This ministry serves individuals 16 years of age and  over, whose preferred language is English and/or Chinese, and regardless of their faith,  ethnicity, years in Canada and other diversity issues.

<Learn more about "FaithHopeLove"> 

■ Grace Shepherd International Ministries

The Mission of Grace Shepherd International Ministries is to bring the love of Christ to communities in Sri Lanka (particularly those living in the village of Pukulam) and to those of Sri Lankan descent living in Scarborough.

■ Habitat for Humanity

"Habitat for Humanity" is an international, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1976.

■ Missionaries

Grace Church supports various missionaries prayerfully and/or financially.

Blessing Bag | Ride for Refuge

The Lighthouse Centre

The Lighthouse Christian Social Services began in 1968 (at that time under the name “Christian Reformed Inner City Ministry”) as a neighbourhood evangelical outreach of the Toronto Classis of the Christian Reformed Church of North America, with the vision of planting a church in the Bloor/Bathurst/Dupont area of Toronto. The ministry known as “The Lighthouse” formed part of this outreach, at that time consisting of children’s after-school programs and a neighbourhood community centre. Over the next ten years, while a new, independent church did not develop, a great amount of potential was seen in the ongoing work of The Lighthouse programs, and in 1980, the organization was reorganized and reopened under the name “The Lighthouse” as an agency that provides social assistance and that facilitates refugee and immigration settlement and support.


Blessing Bag – a food drive

You are welcome to join our food drive - "Blessing Bag" in helping people and changing lives through The Lighthouse Centre, which advocates for refugees. 


Generally, Blessing Bags are available at the church for your food contribution. We also have made it even easier for you to put together Blessing Bags using this free printable Blessing Bag checklist. The barrel for your filled Blessing Bags is located by the entrance of the Fellowship Hall at Grace Church. Feel free to contact the church office for this periodical food drive at Grace Church.


Ride for Refuge – an annual bike-a-thon

This event is a family-friendly cycling fundraiser that supports the vulnerable and exploited, biking along the Martin Goodman Trail, which is a dedicated bike path along the Toronto waterfront. The ride starts at Ashbridges Bay Park and it is very safe for all levels of bikers. The team of "Riders of Grace" often looks for bike riders for this annual bike-a-thon. You can either join the Riders of Grace team or create your own team. 


This is the 7th year that Grace Church has taken part in this fundraiser for The Lighthouse, which was held on September 30, 2018. Usually, Ride for Refuge is held in September of the year.

Out of the Cold

Out of the Cold

The Out of the Cold program is a volunteer initiative that consists of congregations from faith groups, community members and advocates who provide safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to the homeless community throughout the City of Toronto, and organized by Dixon Hall. 


The only Out of the Cold site in north east Scarborough is located at Knox United Church's Education building (2569 Midland Avenue).   


Every Friday evening to Saturday morning (November–March) homeless guests are given meals and accommodation. Grace Church takes two or three turns hosting this program at Knox United. 


Please contact the church office if you would like to volunteer your time or donate food for this program.

FaithHopeLove logo


Our History

In 2010, a group of caring individuals identified shared concerns about the well being of individuals and families who are marginalized from the community at large socially, relationally and spiritually, and the limited resources that are available to them. Among them are youth, adults and families going through transitions and life crisis, as well as newcomers to the Greater Toronto area due to relocation and migration. This group of concerned individuals decided to create very much needed resources that are responsive, affordable, accessible and effective. 

The Ministry works in close partnership with the Christian Reformed Church and its Scarborough Grace Church. 

The Ministry’s base funding comes from the generous support of individual donors. We have received and appreciate project funding from the government.  

Our Mission and Values

The Ministry envisions a city where everyone enjoys social connections and caring support for their spiritual, emotional and relational health. Our mission is to provide wholistic and caring support for individuals and families in their journey around community integration and wellness. 

We serve individuals 16 years of age and over, whose preferred language is English and/or Chinese. 

We serve all regardless of faith, ethnicity, years in Canada and other diversity issues.  


  • Vibrant Youth Counselling: Opportunities for youth to use support to talk about issues that are important for them in a private, non judgmental, client centred and informed manner, and to get inspirations for achieving their dreams and hopes. 
  • Vibrant Silver Stars: Group activities for older adults to get involved with their peers and the community, acquire information of interest to them, and enjoy leisurely activities.
  • Moving Forward Adult Counselling: Professional counselling for adults going through personal and relational challenges such as parenting, intimate relationship, family harmony, cultural integration, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and want to enhance their well being through individual, couple, family and/or group counselling.
  • Praise and Worship: Group functions for adults to explore spirituality and faith in an interactive and self-determined approach. 

Our services and programs are free of charge. Referrals can by made through self referrals, family and friends, and/or professionals. 

Make a Difference 

Individuals who share the Ministry’s vision are invited to serve with us through

  • Prayers
  • Volunteerism
  • Donations (Donations over $20 will be issued a charitable donations receipt.  Our incorporation number: 1861627. Canada Revenue Agency Business Number: 84006 5684)

Contact Us

Pastor Timothy Chan, M Th., Ministry Director 

Catherine Chan, MSW RSW, Program Director 

Address: 25 Channel Nine Ct., Toronto, ON M1S 4B5

Phone: (416) 999-3893 ; (416) 286-7344

Email: faithhopelove54@gmail.com

Download documents:

■ Ruth Hofman & Steve Venhuizen

Ruth Hofman & Steve Venhuizen

Ruth Hofman and Steve Venhuizen are pastors of Friendship Church, privileged to work with a team of vibrant and committed students at York University (LOGOS Christian Community), which brings the nations to our doorstep from 176 countries.

■ John & Marian VanderMeer

John & Marian VanderMeer

John and Marian VanderMeer have carried out mission work through the Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Congo. They are now back in Canada and are adjusting to life in Ontario for the next two years as they continue to work with Wycliffe, before returning to Congo. While here the VanderMeers plan to:

  • visit supporters and make presentations,
  • catch up on reports and work left undone while in Congo,
  • continue to support our colleagues in Congo with technical issues,
  • assist the local Wycliffe office,
  • participate in training that will help the work in Congo.