■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Church Clusters

■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Safe Church | Code of Ethics

■ Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

■ Safe Church | Code of Ethics

  • Safe Church: Grace Church is committed to protecting our children, vulnerable adults, volunteers and staff from the harm of abuse. In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted a Safe Church Policy. 
  • Code of Ethics: Code of Interpersonal Ethics and Online Conduct for the Grace Church Family

■ Immanuel Child Care Centre

■ Immanuel Child Care Centre

■ Immanuel Child Care Centre

Looking for a quality child care? Immanuel Child Care Centre is a Christian Child Care Centre, located just next to the church building, providing four classes- toddler care, preschool care, Jr. kindergarten and Sr. kindergarten.

Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

Media Centre | Bible Study Tool

DWELL at Home

5 Ways Series  “Faith is learned as it is woven seamlessly into the fabric of daily life,” says Traci Smith in Faithful Families. Each resource in this section is designed to encourage and equip families as they nurture faith at home. Rather than adding yet another "to do" item on busy lives, these can be seamlessly woven into the daily and weekly rhythms of any family. Here is the link to Dwell

Today Daily Devotional

Today is a daily devotional that helps God's people refresh, refocus and renew their faith through Bible reading, reflection, and prayer. Today reaches hundreds of thousands of readers seeking spiritual growth via the Web, email, print, and mobile.


The Banner:

The Banner is the official monthly magazine of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, showing how the Christian faith in its Reformed expression makes sense for today's world. 


Bible Gateway

This is a website designed to allow easy reading, listening, studying, searching, and sharing of the Christian Bible in many different versions and translations, including English, French, Spanish, and other languages.


Bible Study Tool

This is the largest free online Bible website for verse search and in-depth studies. For a more in-depth study of Scripture, our website offers Greek and Hebrew Interlinear for the New and Old Testament, lexicons for original Greek and Hebrew reading of Scripture, as well as popular Church history books.

ReFrame Media

ReFrame Media produces a wide array of media experiences. We invite you to see in a new way what God is doing in your life: God reshapes and restores your life according to His plan—that you might become more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Christian Podcast and Radios

  1. Groundwork: Groundwork is a half-hour weekly audio program for radio and podcast that digs deeply into scripture as the foundation for our lives. Combining over 130 years of Christian broadcasting, Groundwork is a joint project from Words of Hope and ReFrame Media. Hosts Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee together share over 50 years of pastoral ministry. Groundwork is produced by Courtney Jacob. In our Groundwork : 1.) Series "I Belong to Jesus", we discus life's trials. Life’s trials come in all shapes and sizes. Our concerns can be the result of real situations we’re facing or choices that we need to make. Maybe you’re struggling  with a serious medical diagnosis or a sudden life change like a job loss. Maybe you have to make a major decision about your future security, safety, or the  safety of your loved ones. In this life, there is a never-ending list of things about which we can worry. But the good news is that the Bible has the antidote to all our worries.
    2.) Series “The Beginning”, we examine and discuss the opening chapters of Genesis to remind ourselves of the important details that inform our beliefs about God, about humanity, and about the world. For those of us who grew up reading paraphrases of these familiar stories in children’s Bibles, we might be surprised by the details we encounter in our adult translations.
  2. Under the Radar Radio: In this one-hour weekly program, host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insight, and exclusive artist interviews to discover the depth of faith and creativity found in the music.
  3. Spot Light Radio: A list of English related links to books, conversation learning English and radios.


FamilyFire is a community of fellow-strugglers in marriage and families, whose goal is to encourage you and stoke the Holy Spirit's flame in your home.



Free resources to help churches communicate better. No matter the medium, it’s time to be intentional about reaching your congregation and community.



This is a collaborative Christian blog that talks about faith, culture, and what it means to be a Christian in today’s society. We’re here to discuss music, literature, world events, the Christian church, spirituality, and any other topic that has an impact on our faith and the way we relate to the world around us. 


Kids Corner

Geared for children aged 6-12, the weekly half-hour radio program and web site teach in a contemporary way, the wisdom and the truth of God to the issues and challenges that affect a child's life. 


Big Bible Town

This is the first and only online game that immerses K-6 children in scripture-based Bible adventures with gameplay that teaches Christian values and encourages kids to put their faith into practice. Try it for free! NOTE: With a free trial, you get 1 character and 2 stories. For more characters, additional stories, and access to the market place, you must subscribe for $5.99 US/month (or $55.99 US/12 months).

Church Clusters

Church Clusters

Grace Church Theme 2018-2019

"Looking to the Future" and "Alpha"

Church Library

Grace Church has a small library with books and videos for everyone, including toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, and various topics from general knowledge on Christianity to self-help and fictions.


Church History

Grace Christian Reformed Church of Scarborough was founded by Dutch Reformed people who immigrated to Canada after the Second World War. Grace Church has ministered in Scarborough since 1963 in the current location, strategically a suburb of Toronto. 

Book References: 

Christian Reformed Church in North America:

We are members of the Christian Reformed Church, which includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. You can learn about the history of the CRCNA by going to the CRCNA website.

Christian Reformed Church Beliefs:

The CRCNA believes that this world belongs to God, that God preserves and cares for it, and that God is restoring all things through his Son, Jesus Christ. When human life is lived in service to God and to his glory, that is when we find meaning and direction for our lives.

We believe that the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, the only infallible rule for faith and life. We affirm three creeds—the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed—as ecumenical expressions of the Christian faith. Along with these historic creeds and confessions, we recognize the following Reformed expressions of the Christian faith as contemporary testimonies: the call for unity, justice, and reconciliation of the Belhar Confession and the witness of Our World Belongs to God: A Contemporary Testimony. To learn more about our beliefs, go to Our Beliefs.

Download Centre

  • The Bridge: A free smartphone app created to be a bridge between CRCNA ministry resources and local churches, has officially launched. The Bridge app is designed to empower local churches, local believer, and ministry for Christ. Content is continuously developed through a joint effort between the best CRCNA ministry resources and the local church. The app gives users access to their home congregation through sermon notes, prayer requests, online giving options, in-app Bible, and a member directory. The Bridge also offers the latest news from CRCNA ministries through feeds from the Banner, the Network, Think Christian, and more.
  • Sunday Bulletin (simple version) & Prayer Guide (simple version): <Click here for details!>
  • Church's Photos, Videos & Audios: <Click here for details!>

Prayer Request

Any personal prayer requests will be kept confidential. Contact our church office.


Recruitment (Job opportunity | Volunteer)

We have various ministries that take place at the church. If you feel called to serve by dedicating your time and/or talents to God and His people at Grace Church, contact our church office for more information.

Safe Church | Code of Ethics

Safe Church | Code of Ethics

Safe Church 

Safe Church Ministry:

Grace Church is committed to protecting our children, vulnerable adults, volunteers and staff from the harm of abuse. In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted a Safe Church Policy. 


Click on "Safe Church Plan" to review this policy or visit our church office for available copies. Each of our staff members and volunteers are required to read the policy, sign a "Declaration of Agreement and Understanding", and have a police check for positions involving children. By this process, we enable our staff and volunteers to participate in our ministries using their God-given gifts, while the safety of the community is ensured.


Congregational Assistance Plan (CAP):

Anyone of the congregation at Grace Church who may need professional counselling (personal, marriage, or family counselling) is able to receive CAP (Congregational Assistance Plan) without payment as we are participating in this program and the church is already paying for this service. It starts with a simple phone call (866–347–0041). Professional therapists from a variety of ethnic backgrounds are available in our area. Brochures describing this CAP program are ready for pick-up at the church, or check on "CAP Brochure" for the digital copy.


Safe Church Training Seminar:

Click on "A Safe Place" to review this presentation from Robertson Hall for review. 


(Disclaimer: The information contained in this seminar has been compiled by Robertson Hall Insurance Inc. to assist churches, charitable organizations and their leaders in better understanding insurance and legal issues and to help in reducing or eliminating foreseeable and preventable risks associated with their ministries, programs, operations and events. However, your organization may have insurance requirements and risks that are unique to your premises or operations which are not addressed by this seminar and should be specifically reviewed with the appropriate qualified professional. This publication may not be reproduced in any way without the written consent of Robertson Hall Insurances Inc.)




Code of Ethics

Code of Interpersonal Ethics and Online Conduct for the Grace Church Family


Believing that God has called us to be a church family together, we commit ourselves to the following Code of Ethics to guide us in our interactions and communications with one another and in our usage of social media and the internet: 

  1. Whether verbally or through digital communications (e.g. social media) we will speak and deal with people in an open, honest, and respectful manner. We will not engage in harassment, use of abusive words or actions, or coercion of others. We will respect the confidentiality of information and privacy of others.
  2. We will serve one another with a mutual understanding and respect for our cultural, ethnic, and personal backgrounds.
  3. We will develop trusting relationships with the persons we serve and therefore discourage any behaviours that might cause mistrust in others.
  4. We will maintain integrity and purity in our relationships with others. We will, therefore, avoid any impropriety or even the appearance of impropriety with others.
  5. When a child or adult experiences distress, we will offer appropriate comfort and assistance. Where applicable, we will help others find appropriate assistance from services available in the broader community.
  6. We will endeavour to protect each other from abuse and will take necessary steps to report suspected abuse to proper authorities.
  7. We will not knowingly access internet sites which contain obscene, profane, pornographic or sexually explicit material or which, demeans, threatens or intimidates any person or suggests violence, hatred or discrimination toward other people.

May this code serve as a guide to help us to care for one another in mutual respect. 


(This code of conduct was approved by the Executive Council, May 15, 2013) 

Christian Reformed Church logo

Denominational Info

CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church of North America)

As the Christian Reformed Church in North America, we are called to express the good news of God’s kingdom that transforms lives and communities. We seek to carry out this calling individually and as congregations. And we join with each other through regional assemblies (called classes) and denominational ministries, in the firm belief that together we can do more.


Classis Toronto

Classis Toronto is a regional association of Christian Reformed congregations. If you or someone you love is in a hospital in Toronto and needs a pastoral visit we can help.

World Renew

Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, we join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. Note: The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), which celebrated 50 years of international development work and disaster intervention in 2012, publicly changed its name to World Renew in September of 2012. 


Resonate Global Mission

Resonate continues the good work of Home Missions and World Missions (two Missions were combined as one in 2017). For more than a century, these two agencies introduced people to Christ in North America and around the world. For us, that means continuing our partnership with churches in the United States and Canada to plant churches, do campus ministry, train and equip pastors, and develop future leaders. Additionally, it means sending missionaries overseas, proclaiming the Gospel, and forging lasting partnerships.

Social Justice in Canada

More than 85% of Canadian CRC members believe that doing justice is an essential part of Christian faith (to learn more, read about the Justice and Faith Project). Why? Because we see God’s heart for justice woven throughout the biblical story. We may have different understandings of justice and we may focus on different places of brokenness in the world, but we act in love for the world… because God loves it too!

Back to God Ministries International

Using technology and media we take the word of God to people, right where they are so that they can reframe their lives in light of who God is and how much He loves them.



The Network was created in February 2010. As of today, over 15,000 people have posted on the site. There are currently 60 different ministry topics, including prayer, youth ministry, pastors, church administration, job openings, and much more! Tell stories. Learn from each other. Get help. And discover that, hey, we're not alone! 



ICS (Institute for Christian Studies)

The Institute for Christian Studies is a private, graduate-level Christian theological and philosophical school in Toronto, Ontario. At ICS Toronto, students and faculty take part in shared learning through participatory seminars, mentoring, and an inter-disciplinary approach to study. Perspective is ICS's official newsletter.


acsa (Agincourt Community Services Association)

A non-profit, multi-service agency at the heart of Agincourt addressing needs and empowering children, youth, newcomers, homeless and underserved communities. Today, ACSA addresses a variety of issues including systemic poverty, hunger, housing, homelessness, unemployment, accessibility and social isolation. With ongoing community support, ACSA can continue to serve Scarborough through the provision of services and partnerships for a better tomorrow.


PCC (Pregnancy Care Centre)

The Pregnancy Care Centre was established in 1984 as a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization to offer valuable community support. We are funded solely by donations from individuals, businesses and churches.


Campaign Life Coalition

Campaign Life Coalition is the national pro-life organization working at all levels of government to secure full legal protection for all human beings, from the time of conception to natural death. We defend the sanctity of human life against threats posed by abortion, euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide, reproductive and genetic technologies, cloning, infanticide, eugenics, population control, and threats to the family. Campaign Life Coalition never compromises on basic principles, and encourages incremental policies that would increase respect and protection for human life.

CPJ (Citizens for Public Justice)

This is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy. Based in Ottawa, CPJ is a Christian voice for social and environmental justice in Canadian public policy, focusing on poverty in Canada, ecological justice, and refugee rights.  


A resource centre for Christians engaged in intercultural ministry.


Canadian Foodgrains Bank 

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger by Supporting international programs to meet immediate food needs, reduce malnutrition, and achieve sustainable food security; Influencing improvements in national and international policies that contribute to ending global hunger; and Increasing and deepening the engagement of Canadians in efforts to end global hunger.